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5 Smart Reasons To Build Mobile App For Your Business

5 Smart Reasons To Build Mobile App For Your Business

It’s an absolute no brainier to assert that a business needs a mobile app. But, many businesses still lack this common wisdom. This is the precise reason why we are going to explain the standout advantages of having a mobile app for any business.


Here we explain smart reasons that make mobile app absolutely invaluable and irreplaceable for any business.


Staying visible and connected continuously

Most statistics agree on one point that the average time spent on mobile devices is increasing rapidly all over the world. In most cases only just a few apps consume most of the user time spent on mobile. So, in overall measured, this is probably the biggest exposure a business gets from its users when its app is actively used.


Obviously, not all apps drive the same amount of traction and engagement. But for that matter, every app does not require the kind of user engagement global brands get. They can opt for more realistic goals and find a loyal user base. But, the biggest advantage that they get is the constant visibility and connection with their loyal users and customers. Even for a small business staying visible and connected all the time makes the bond stronger that in turn adds value to the brand.


Enhance the customer experience
Many websites just don’t look great on tiny phone screens, but mobile apps are purpose-designed for small screen sizes so are easier on the eye and simpler to use for the customer. Apps also offer instant access to your contact channels – with one touch, a customer can click to call or initiate a web chat. For users who have their location turned on, the app can also recognize where you are in real time and provide location specific information and directions. The Uber app, which is disrupting the taxi industry, even allows you to visualize your car approaching.


Free promotion tool for your business

A mobile app once built practically becomes a free promotional tool. Let us look at other web alternatives through which you can sell your product. There are large online stores like Amazon, eBay, SnapDeal, Flipkart and many others. To sell your products across these channels you need to face bullish competition from most of the recognizable brands in your niche beside shelling out a hefty commission against every sell and for advertising and promotion you need to follow their guidelines and pay a good price. In complete contrast to these, an app offers a credible promotional platform with negligible investment requirement.


Get the competitive edge. 

While most industries have cottoned on to apps, perhaps your business is in a niche where your competitors don’t offer an app yet, and if yes, this can be turned to your advantage as a differentiator. You can also custom-build unique features into your app that others don’t have – the possibilities are endless.


Local businesses can penetrate global markets

Do you think your business to have only local potential? Do you consider these worth selling products and services at a local level do not have any scope in becoming successful in faraway markets across the globe? Is it the specific reason why you always considered mobile apps to be something for big businesses and global brands? Let us tell you, a whole array of successful small business apps will just make you believe the opposite. Thanks to the opportunity unleashed by the web, mobile apps, and social platforms, any local business can become global overnight.


A brick and mortar store in your locality that for years produced stunning handcrafted products can now consider making its products reach offshore clients through a mobile app. Mobile apps in more ways than one allow local businesses reach global markets and audience. The world of apps beyond the so-called geographical boundaries allows connecting similar minded people and their produce. With a mobile app, a local business can have global exposure wider audience beyond boundaries.


If you would like to consider an app for your business, contact The MMIT and we will be happy to connect you with the right solution for your budget and business needs.