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Effective Ways Your Website Can Generate Business Leads

Effective Ways Your Website Can Generate Business Leads

Your website is more than a digital placeholder – or at least it should be. Whether you use your website to generate visits to your brick-and-mortar location, sell products online, or boost subscription rates, these important tips can help you generate more leads from your website. With competition increasing at a dramatic rate in the online world, it is important to ensure that you are making the most of your visitors. Driving traffic can be costly and if your website is not developed in an appropriate manner, your business could be suffering.


Place Your Phone Number in the Right Spot(s)

Sounds simple enough right? You’d be surprised how many professional website designers miss this important tactic. Make it easy for your prospects to call you no matter where they are on your website.


Many websites today have long scrolling, top-to-bottom features. Don’t make your potential customer hunt for a way to contact you. It’s a best practice to include your business phone number on the top of each page or in the header, at the bottom of each page, and integrated into the content of the home page.


Create a Micro Landing Page

Internet users have notoriously short attention spans, which mean you have just a few seconds to convince them to stick around and spend some quality time on your website.


A micro landing page is a full-page popup that appears in response to specific user behavior, such as hovering over a block of text or attempting to click off your site. Adding a well-designed micro landing page to your home page can increase conversion rates by 15%.


Create Compelling Images of People

Humanize your website by adding tasteful, emotional, and professional photographs of your staff and customers. Visitors to your site will immediately connect with these types of images and help them be more compelled to take a lead generating action.


Not photogenic? No problem! It is inexpensive to purchase nice, warm stock photos to easily add positive energy to your website.


Use Explainer Videos 

Internet users expect to get the information they want fast – that’s why explainer videos have emerged as one of the best tools for lead generation, especially when you’re dealing with a product or service that’s abstract or complex.


Harness Live Chat

Isn’t it frustrating to know that you have tons of people hitting your website but you don’t have the proper tools to pull them into your sales funnel? Live chat can be one of those tools when used correctly.


Best practices for advancing the lead capturing process include well placed live chat invitations, non-scripted (and capable) live chat conversationalists, quick live chat response times, and setting an internal live chat schedule for employees. There are a number of third party live chat applications with terrific functionality available for a relatively low monthly investment.


While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to boosting website lead generation, by implementing these simple tips you can transform your underperforming site into a strong, reliable driver of new leads for your enterprise.


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MarksMan InfoTech - The MMIT is leading brand in industry. Since our inception in 2004 we have list of satisfied clientele from around the globe, who trust us for their conceptual and professional designing needs.