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Essential Steps To Kick-Start Your PPC Campaign

Essential Steps To Kick-Start Your PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay per click advertising is an Internet advertising model which is used to generate clicks to your website. It is the way of directing traffic to your website using relevant keywords related to your product or services. It is a paid traffic and an advertiser will pay an amount to the publisher each time the ads get clicked. Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the effective strategies applied in the search engine marketing campaign.


How to do PPC Campaign?

Do you know how to do PPC Campaign? Let’s look at some important steps for setting up a PPC campaign strategy-


Business Goals:

Before you even worry about who your target audience is or what keywords you want to target, you need to understand what the business hopes to achieve through running a PPC campaign.


Without an underlying business goal to measure success against, a PPC campaign is useless. Some important questions you should ask yourself and the key stakeholders involved in the business are:

  • What goal should the PPC campaign fulfill?
  • What are the target actions users should take on the website?
  • How much is each action worth to the business?


Understanding a few standard business goals such as the ones above allows you to start developing a campaign that’s meaningful to the business and delivers measurable results.


Plan targeting:

After setting your campaign goal for your ad, the next step is to plan your ad targeting for your most relevant audience. You can target audience for a specific geographic location and you can also optimize your campaign for a specific device type, operating systems and wireless networks.


Keyword Research:

Go inside the mindset of your users. Think about search terms you would type if you wanted to purchase a product from the website you’re promoting. Group these keywords into logical bundles or ad groups, with each group having its own theme, topic, or product specific to the business’s offering and the users’ needs.


While conducting keyword research, it’s just as necessary to make a list of negative keywords to isolate, as well as block any irrelevant combinations of keywords. Having a thorough list of negative keywords quite often reduces wasted clicks, improves clickthrough rate, and helps to lower costs.


Write an effective Ad text:

Ad text plays an important role in the success of your ads. It is the form of marketing communication that advertisers can use to promote their product or service on search platforms. An effective ad text consists at least one of your core keyword, attractive discounts and promotion and a call to action. The quality score of your ad depends on multiple factors and your ad text is one of them. Your ad text should be unique and appealing. Include discount amount in your ad copy and also add a strong call to action that can compel searchers to click on your ads. Use action words like buy now, order now, resister today or sign up here. Include one of your keyword in your ad text and match your ad to your landing page.


Add Ad Extensions:

Ad extension provides extra benefits for your PPC advertising. Use these extensions to enhance your ad and to show additional information with your ad, like an address, phone number, store rating, or additional webpage links. Ad extension ensures high CTR because they make your ad more relevant and prominent. It also improves your quality score.


Ad Scheduling:

Ad scheduling is important for optimizing your ad strategy. You can show your ad whenever a customer searches online or you can show your ad on certain days, or during business hours when you’re there to handle customer inquiries. Your ads give different performance result on different days of the week and different hours of a day. Therefore, have a look at which online days and hours are most suitable for your business and then schedule your ad during these times to increase your exposure. You can also adjust your bid for less performing hours and days.


Final Words:

Effective PPC campaign is the process of continuous research and refinement. Never follow “Set it and forget it” approach for PPC campaigns. You must do research to understand searcher’s behavior. You must also research on your profitable keywords and best suitable days and hours for your campaign. Now that you know what is PPC campaign, plan your daily budget and invest wisely.


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