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Features Which Are Must To Have In E-Commerce Sites


Features Which Are Must To Have In E-Commerce Sites

Whether you have an e-Commerce store already, or are looking to create one, most companies have the end goals in mind of increasing overall sales, and satisfying your customers’ needs and expectations. Customers will have certain expectations of your online store, and if you don’t meet those expectations, this will led to higher abandoned cart rates and lost sales.


Your website and online store should provide a seamless experience that is easy, fast, secure, and visually appealing. In order to achieve this type of experience for your customers there are certain innovative features that are imperative. An e-Commerce store is all about putting the customer first when designing.


Good Information Architecture

Having good navigation on your e-Commerce site can set you apart from your competition, and increase sales. You want the customer to be on a clear path from when they land on the homepage of your website to when they complete their purchase at checkout. The information architecture of an online store shouldn’t be too confusing or too large. If the menu is too large this can be overwhelming and cause the customer to leave your site. Top level categories should be basic and then you can break down those top level categories slightly in a drop down menu or sub-level menu.


High-Resolution Photos and Video

Gone are the days of posting one photo with a few bullet points and a price tag. Shoppers want to see multiple angles. They want to be able to zoom in and get a feel for the product.


Technical considerations for images are crucial. Images that don’t load or take too long to load will see a consumer drop-off rate. Images sell, not text. E-commerce websites should display multiple photos per product. The photos need to be high-resolution and optimized for page load.


Product Filtering and Search

By offering a search among your products, it will become easier for your users to find what they are looking for as fast as possible. If the user is unsure but has an idea of the product category, they can filter what categories they would like to see in order to make their online shopping experience the best it can be.


User-Generated Reviews

Shoppers read reviews. About 92% of them, in fact. The star rating on a product is the number one factor used by consumers.


You might think that having negative reviews is a sale killer. The opposite is actually true. Having negative reviews can often be a positive. It’s shown that products without negative reviews are seen as censored and, in turn, shoppers will assume the positive reviews are fake. So don’t be afraid to prominently display customer reviews (i.e. star ratings) on each of your products, positive or negative. It helps consumers trust your brand and won’t hurt your bottom-line either.


Shipping Options

Offering multiple shipping options to your customers is relevant in today’s marketplace. It is what customers expect, and what we can give to your users. It’s also helpful to include delivery time and options for faster delivery. Sites should list countries that are outside normal shipping zones. Interestingly, shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included.


Special Offers

Most e-commerce sites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc. Next-level e-commerce sites take advantage of the prime real estate in the header section to promote special offers. When shoppers realize they’re getting a special deal, it motivates them to buy more and spend more time searching the site.


If e-commerce sites are using ongoing promotions, providing a unique webpage that lists the offers will not only drive more sales but also improve SEO.


So these were the most important features of an ecommerce site. THE MMIT has years of experience in building, designing and maintaining e-commerce websites. We are always open to innovative changes in the e-commerce domain and if you have been struck with an idea to go for your e-commerce website, here we are!


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