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Important Email Newsletter Design Tips You Must Know

Important Email Newsletter Design Tips You Must Know

Email Newsletters are a great way of maintaining a direct and fluid communication between a company and its audience, but there are a number of factors that we have to take into account when putting them together before they even reach the reader. Once we have got over the difficult first hurdle, which is being interested enough for them for a person to subscribe to our list, it is then time to offer them a more prolonged series of content that is high in quality and one that can hold their interest.


We have put together a list of the top important tips to help you create effective newsletters.


Be concise

This is related to what we have just explained. People don´t have that much time to read your newsletter so try to give as much information as you can, using the least amount of space possible. A good idea could be showing a small summary in only a few lines then, include a link to the complete content on your website. You can also use other ways to show the information in a more concise manner like lists or charts.


Pay attention to the header

The header is one of the most important elements in any newsletter, as it is the first thing a person sees when they open your mailing. Pay extra attention to this section and, above all, make it unique and recognizable. The reader must be aware that they are reading your newsletter from the get-go. If they have already read your newsletters before and found them interesting, then there is a good that they will continue reading and not delete them.


Be regular

If you are used to sending a weekly emailing on Monday, then always do it that way. There is nothing like the lack of regularity to mislead the user. Sometimes you can make an exception, as there may be an occasional need that may arise but try not to make it the general rule. Set a calendar with your publications and stick to the plan. It is a good way to get loyalty.


Keep Text Short

When you’ve got website visitors, your goal is usually to keep them on the site and engaged with the content. With an email newsletter, it’s the opposite. Your ultimate goal is to get them out of their inboxes and onto your site or landing page. That’s why it pays to keep the text short.


Even with short text, there are a few tips you can use to make your copy more effective. If you want to make people click through, you have to:


Lead with a great headline

Avoid being too promotional – only 10% of your content should be promotional, with the other 90% being educational.

Share your best content.


Make It Scan-able

Even with short emails, recipients may not read all of them. That’s why it’s important to make them scan-able.


The way you structure your email newsletter will help with this. Since images draw the gaze, where you put them will affect what people see.


You can place the content in sections, so it’s visually clear where the most important pieces of content are.

And of course, you can use subheads and bullet points to keep people reading and lead them to your call to action.

Follow these email newsletter design tips and you’ll soon have a beautifully engaging email newsletter.


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