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Important Responsive Web Design Issues You Don’t Want To Deal With

Important Responsive Web Design Issues You Don’t Want To Deal With

Whether you’re designing a small company website or reworking an ecommerce platform, let’s explore some mistakes you definitely want to avoid on your next responsive Web design project.


Focusing on Devices Instead of Screens

Using screen size instead of device classification for a responsive design is important as we are seeing different devices slowly creeping outside of their categories. You can no longer lump all phones into one category because of the wildly disparate sizes of their screens. There are phones available now that are larger than some of the smallest tablets as well as desktop screens that rival the size of televisions.


The device itself is no longer a clear indication of the size of the display, which is why device size cannot be the sole criteria used when developing responsive breakpoints.


Focusing on screen size instead of device size is also an important step away from using only known device sizes for responsive breakpoints.


Relying much on device dimensions

The harsh reality is we can control neither what browser sizes our visitors use, nor what dimensions the creators design for their devices. This drives us towards the solution which would make our designs hold together regardless of the device dimensions. Let your content determine its breakpoints in your responsive design itself to ensure it looks great in any landscape.


Only Thinking Small

Despite the importance of small screens, responsive design is about more than just mobile devices.   The discerning responsive designer thinks both big and small with their layouts.

  • Treat large screens with the same level of attention you give small screens.
  • Do not just scale your design up so it “fits” on those large screens. Take full advantage of the extra space you have available to you.
  • Create a content hierarchy to consider key content or features in your design and make sure that they are placed appropriately in your widest screen layout.


Hiding your content from users

Responsive sites sharing the same code base have a great chance to reach content parity. Unfortunately some site owners decide to hide or remove content when dealing with the real-estate constraints of small screens. This isn’t a great idea. You shouldn’t punish users for browsing on smaller screens. Instead, do everything you can to let these users enjoy the maximum functionality of your website.


Insisting on Consistent Navigation

Different screen sizes and device form factors require different kinds of website navigation. It’s a mistake to insist on absolute consistency across the different layouts of a responsive site.


Instead of forcing mobile users into the vague ‘meat’ navigation where they’d wonder what they‘re going to end up with, or overloading your site navigation with text (both of which no doubt look fine on computer screens), it’s better to give visitors some clear visual views about what your clickable buttons do and where they lead them.


Closing Words

In the business of creating adaptive experiences there is still place for experiments and mistakes since we are just at the tip of a big iceberg. Don’t be afraid of the pitfalls and keep moving forward towards better responsive design ideas and solutions.


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MarksMan InfoTech - The MMIT is leading brand in industry. Since our inception in 2004 we have list of satisfied clientele from around the globe, who trust us for their conceptual and professional designing needs.