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Important Things You Should Know About Google Expanded Text Ads

Important Things You Should Know About Google Expanded Text Ads

Google’s Adwords has been the platform of choice for business of all sizes looking to advertise on the internet. This advertising platform has evolved with time adding a few features, deleting some and providing more value for all involved. For all those interested, the newest change under way is Google’s Expanded Text Ads.


The concept of Google’s expanded text ads is, simply put, more ad size. Each advertisement can now occupy more area above Google’s organic listings. Google’s Adwords interface has also expanded itself to accommodate these new features.


Here are important things to know about this new change.



Standard text ads give you a headline of 25 characters to work with. Whereas expanded text ads have two headlines each allowing up to 30 characters. These headline fields will appear next to each other separated by a hyphen (-). The headline may wrap to multiple lines depending on the size of the user screen.


Google’s Text Ads Character Limit Stretched By 10 Characters

Copywriters usually find it difficult to compile their ideas into short ads. Expanded text ads give a little more leeway to creators – not enough to bore the reader but just enough to give a little more information.


Currently, 70 characters is the limit. Now with Google’s expanded text ads, the description copy can be 80 characters. That’s a whole extra line for advertisers to play with. For businesses that struggle to fit their message into the given limit, this will go a long way.


Display URL

Finally, there’s the URL that shows with your ad called Display URL.


With expanded text ads you no longer have to enter your display URL when creating a new ad. Instead Adwords will use the domain from your final URL and then give you the option to combine it with two new path fields. These fields are designed to help people see your ad and get a better sense of where they’ll be taken when they click it. They can be up to 15 characters each.


Google’s Expanded Text Ads In The Context Of The Search Engine’s Result Page

Research has shown that at least 50% of respondents find it tough to differentiate between paid ads and organic listings. And this number goes even higher for the younger population.


Since 2000, ads had been displayed on the right side of Google’s SERP. It was easy to note which links were sponsored. From February this year, the right side text ads were removed by Google and since then ads appear only above or below organic search results.


With expanded ads, sponsored results will look even more similar to organic listings.


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