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Important Tips For Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Important Tips For Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing pages are a crucial element of inbound marketing strategies. Companies that have increased the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see 55 percent growth in the total number of leads, so with this in mind, you need to reconsider your marketing strategy.


The simple truth is that you don’t get it right the first time. Only after launching, testing, learning and optimizing you can improve your landing page conversion rate. But sadly, it falls under biggest problems B2B marketers face. To overcome such hurdles, we have put together important guide to help you optimize landing pages for improved conversions.


Focus on a goal

Before you create a landing page, you need to set a goal. What do you want people to do on your page once they get there?


It is important to establish a goal, so you can create a page that helps users complete that action. Many companies make the mistake of having landing pages with multiple offers. It confuses your audience and ends up deterring them from making a purchase.


To increase conversions on your page, you need to decide on the overall goal. Do you want people to purchase a certain product or service? If so, make your landing page about that one product or service.


Employ CTAs that make users take action

CTAs (calls to action) are the most important element of a landing page, as it’s the best way to get users to take action. It might seem like just a button, but everything about it matters to get users to take action.


Color — Ensure the CTA button contrasts in color to the background. We’ve found that usually orange, blue or green CTAs work best.


Size — Ensure the size of the button is not so small that users lose sight of it or so big that it scares them away. It should be the right size and sync with the layout.


Message — It’s the message that truly emphasizes the importance of the CTA. Try to instill a sense of urgency or need for the particular product/service to improve conversion rate.


Use a simple page headline

It may be tempting to create a flashy and eye-catching headline. The reality is that it is better to create a simple headline that outright states the purpose of your page.


You only have seconds to catch your visitors’ attention and get them interested in making a purchase. It is crucial that you don’t deter them away with a headline that is too vague or too long. You need a headline that is simple and straight to the point.


This will help you keep leads on the page. If you have a simple headline, your audience will immediately understand the point of your page and decide if they want to learn more. It is the best way to keep these leads engaged on your page.


Craft a compelling flow of text

No one will dive into the details on a page if they’re not satisfied with what you have to offer from the outset. For better conversions, you need your landing page copy to be convincing, to get to the point and be genuine.


Emphasize the value

As you create your convincing body text, you’ll also want to emphasize the value of purchasing your products or using your services. This is a crucial part to help your business earn conversions.


At the end of the day, you want you leads to make a purchase. You want them to buy your products or use your services. So, you need to show your audience why your product or service is best for them.


Use the right images

Content is important, but images help bring out the necessary emotions to make users take action. It’s important that all images used in the landing page, from the header image to those used within the page, are in sync with the content to make the messages stand out.


Check your page speed

If you want to have a successful landing page, you need to have a page that runs quickly. Users hate to wait for slow loading pages. They want to access information quickly and efficiently.


When you have a slow loading page, you risk losing leads. They will leave your page and choose a competitor’s page instead. To avoid this, you need to monitor your landing page’s speed.


A/B test your landing pages

Testing is a mandatory step for improving your landing page conversion rate. Remember, when you use the right tool to target and test your landing page, you get the chance to increase the landing page conversion rate by up to 300 percent.


The biggest problem is that marketers lack the right tool to test their landing pages. A/B testing lets you test various landing page layouts and content to understand which works best for your target audience. You may try A/B testing by segregating your audience, but adopting a dedicated tool lets you analyze your results better.


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