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All You Should Know About Email Marketing & Target Audience

All You Should Know About Email Marketing & Target Audience

All You Should Know About Email Marketing & Target Audience

Email marketing is when companies target large markets by sending commercial messages through the electronic mail. When an effective strategy is put in place, successful email marketing leads to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and highly personalized content. In its broadest sense, it is mainly used for the purpose of enhancing the customer-business relationship. In the following article we will describe some effective ways to target customers using email marketing. An effective email marketing campaign and strategy can beguile potential prospects, leads, and consumers, concurrently increasing the return on investment of the business.


What is a Target Audience?

A Target Audience is defined as the group of individuals, or for email marketing purposes the specific list or segment, at which a campaign is aimed. It’s the target demographic for each marketing effort. It’s also who would be most likely to convert, based on each targeted email campaign you send.


For example, if you owned a plumbing company, your target audience would be homeowners or landlords.


It’s important to remember that the target audience is who is most likely to purchase your goods or services and not necessarily for whom the goods and services are intended.


Market segmentation

Mass marketing relies on the one-size-fits-all strategy that makes customers feel like a number on that customer’s list. Segmenting the market types allows marketers to target specific consumer needs and preferences. Customizing emails to suit a consumer’s individualism, location and activities are predominant in contributing to the success of a business. Generating leads in email marketing is realized when emails become relevant to the recipients. By gating your content, segmenting emails according to behavioral patterns, demographics and sales cycle and position in the sales funnel, and heeding to consumer email engagement, leads and traffic generation is promoted in any business.


There Are No Targeted Audiences without Proper Segmentation

Knowing who to target with your email campaigns begins with an understanding of the list segments you should be creating. List segmentation does not have to be difficult. It can begin with your signup form. Based on the data fields on your signup form, you can sort new subscribers from the beginning.


One way you can segment your list is by demographic. This includes gender, age and location. It is possible to gather this data at signup, but be mindful that you’re not turning off potential subscribers from completing your form.


You can also build a segmented target audience around the type of industry a subscriber is in, the size of their company or any wide range of data that you can ask for on your signup form.


Tips for Understanding Your Target Audience

It is incredibly important to understand who the individuals are in each target audience. One simple way to do this is by creating customer personas.


You can even go so far as to search Google Images and choose a photo for each target audience and the individual that will represent each persona. Consider the car they drive, places they shop and even what magazines or blogs they enjoy reading. You should also turn to your reports to gain a better understanding of each target audience. Your reports are another opportunity to understand your target audience.



First, you have to understand what a target audience is and why they’re important.


Armed with that knowledge, you can start creating your target audiences. That begins with the signup form and continues throughout your relationship with your subscribers.


Once you have segmented your list(s) into various target audiences, you can create campaigns tailored specifically to those groups of people.


That is what it means to send great emails.


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