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Let’s Explore AngularJS And Its Benefits In Web Application Development

Let’s Explore AngularJS And Its Benefits In Web Application Development

AngularJS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that have gained dramatic popularity in very short time span. It is maintained by Google to simplify development and testing process amongst the developers around the globe. In simple language, it is an open source framework to address the challenges encountered during web development process and promises to deliver awesome expressions through ease in integrating HTML codes and application modules in framework.


Following are the benefits of using AngularJS for web development


Easy Plug & Play components

If you want to use the existing component in a new web application, then you just require to copy and paste that same code into a new one. Your job is done. It works outstandingly.


Quick Learning

In order to become an expert in Angular JS, a developer needs to be well skilled and should have prior knowledge of JavaScript and JQuery. From this point, it will take only a day of learning and practice for proficient and experienced web developer to start building a web app using this awesome framework.


Revamped Design Architecture

When an application contains over 60 components, it becomes pretty messy to manage the project when you have new developers joining the team on the project. But, with AngularJS it becomes easy to manage and locate the codes for the developers in an easy manner. This is a functionality which has enhanced the design structure of AngularJS in the market.


Assist Code Reusability

Developers can reuse the codes and the components which they might have written in the previous applications developed before. This makes AngularJS remarkable and distinctive.


Ease Of Development

It encourages you to deal with models on the client side and similarly you have them on the server side. Working with AngualJS is tremendously easy for UI designers since they get the ability to focus on design without the distractions caused by DOM configurations and JQuery calls.


Handling Dependency and Allowing Parallel Development

AngularJS is famous for handling dependencies and it truly outshines in two areas namely testing and Single Page Application (SPA) design. Coupling the above feature with MVC architecture, it also allows rapid application development as well as parallel application development, scoring a point over the other frameworks.


Two Way Data Binding

This outstanding feature of Angular.JS will evade writing of considerable amount of boilerplate code. Two way data binding handles the synchronization between the DOM and the model in both ways.


Transfers the controls into the hands of the Developer

Directives offer developers a free hand to experiment with HTML & attributes by giving them complete independence to make their web development process a responsive and dynamic one. The developers can then test, construct and inject or do just anything which comes to their mind.


With all these wonderful benefits, it makes sense that you should shift to this form of website application development which offers easy, productive and effective method of building web apps that can run effortlessly over various digital devices and give win-win opportunity for web developers and customers as well.


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