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Relationship Between SEO & Content

Relationship Between SEO & Content

Relationship Between SEO & Content

There’s a key difference between Content Marketing and SEO, but these two actually overlaps each other. SEO is somewhat more technical, whereas content marketing works as a way of attracting the users to read the information provided by you.


A perception is there that SEO is all about creating a content which is of high-quality that would lead the search engines to index it.


But, when it comes to the search engine indexing, there are several factors that plays their role. Out of those factors, onsite SEO is something that needs to be done. It might happen sometimes that Google penalizes your website, due to which your pages won’t get indexed.


There’s no doubt that these two things are bit complicated, but this is also the fact that to increase the traffic to your website. It’s not possible for you to do it with only one of them. Along with the good-quality, engaging and compelling content, it’s important for you to implement some best SEO tips.


Here are some remarkable ways in which SEO and content will work together:


Building up the Links

If the content is good and of high-quality, it’ll automatically attract links to it. All you need to do is to distribute it in such an efficient way that it’s getting the attention from the audience. According to some analysis, if you’re able to produce a good content, you would get around 200 to 1000 quality backlinks.


Add Catchy Headlines

One of the most important parts of any content is its “Headline”. This is something that gives a descriptive idea about the topic.  While writing the heading, you should add important keywords and phrases in it, so that people would find it interesting to read. Some more points that you must follow while deciding the headline includes its length. You shouldn’t make it too lengthy because Google truncates.


Measure the Effects

Being in SEO field, it’s your prior responsibility to aim at improving the rankings. If you’re looking out to improve the page rankings, number of tools are available on the internet, free as well as paid, that you can choose to track the position of your article in SERPs. These free tools are called as “Analytics Tools”, using which you can check how much views you’re getting on your website, bounce rates, loading time, and many other factors. If you’ll measure the results, you’ll be clear with the thing that where you’re lacking.


Identify your Goals

Once you’re done with your research on keywords, it’s necessary for you to identify the efforts you’re putting. Whatever targets you’ve set, you need to monitor whether you’re able to hit those marks with your efforts or not. It’s true that it’ll take some time and won’t generate overnight results. The reason behind this is that some of the keyword that you’ve added to your content may have more competition. Also, there’s no surety that you’ll be successful or not.


All you can do is the experiments and for such experiments, you need to apply some strategies that might pay off but after some time, not immediately. There’s one more thing that you need to focus on, and it’s about not compromising the quality of the content just for the sake of adding keywords. The keywords that you’re going to add shouldn’t break the flow of the article.


To Conclude

So, in this post, what all you’ve got is that if you optimize any content, search engines will crawl your site. But, if you provide relevant information to your users, it makes your website appear in top google search results. Try to add useful and valuable information to make your content reach out to the right readers.


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