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The Most Important Mobile App Branding Strategies

The Most Important Mobile App Branding Strategies

As highlighted by several studies, consumers nowadays spend a very large percentage of their digital media time on mobile apps. No enterprise can implement a branding strategy successfully without adopting a mobile-first approach. In addition to connecting and communicating with customers through the app, an enterprise also needs to explore ways to use the app as an extension its brand image. An enterprise can even consider making mobile app branding an integral part of its mobile app development strategy.


So let’s explore some effective Mobile App Branding Strategies:


Opt for User-Centric App Design

Like mobile app development strategy, mobile app branding strategies also focus on meeting user expectations and improving user experience. A mobile app developer must remember that the app will be finally used and judged by end users. Hence, its functionality, usability, and performance will directly impact mobile app branding. While developing the mobile app, the mobile app developer must perform A/B testing to understand user needs and assess user experience accurately. A/B testing will further help the enterprise to design the app with elements and features that will be appreciated by end users.


The App Icon

One mistake most app businesses do is using their existing business logo, as it is, for the app icon as well. This is, even though, not wrong, is not recommended. One should understand that an app icon is not the same as a website logo, the major difference being that the logos are scalable. They can be of any shape or dimension.


An app icon, on the other hand, should be created specifically for every possible resolution. Icon design should be made according to the systems that are going to display them.


Also, it should work fine at any size or dimension. This is why most apps avoid using text in their icons, as they do not respond well to changes in resolution.


Enable Users to Refer and Share the App

No enterprise nowadays can implement mobile app branding without focusing on social networks. Most users explore ways to share information about recently-downloaded mobile apps. Also, they refer their social media friends to use an app that deliver outstanding user experience. You can easily create a powerful mobile app brand by allowing users to spread information about the mobile app through various channels — social networks, text messages and emails. The option to share and refer will make new users download the mobile app. Also, the word of mouth promotion will help the enterprise to promote its mobile app as a popular brand.


Go Slow

Instead of rushing your designer to create the design fast, you should rather go slow to be able to properly focus on every aspect of the app development process.


Each stage in the development process is way too important to be skipped or half-arsed. It is crucial to give your design process enough time and effort if you do not want your app to fail. The things you skip now may trouble you in the long-term.



Follow these mobile app branding strategies to improve the versatility and user-friendliness of your app and to create a better brand awareness among your target audience.


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