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Top Important AdWords Tips From PPC Masters

Top Important AdWords Tips From PPC Masters

Managing your PPC campaign requires a lot of effort and planning. The following are a few tips advocated by PPC experts for obtaining best results from your campaign.


Your Search Query Report should be familiar to you.

A search query report is a database of all those search words which triggers the appearance of your ads. By finding keywords that are irrelevant to your ads and thereby setting those search words as negative keywords, it is always possible to save money on clicks that do not convert. In addition, by finding new keywords that are relevant to your ads, it is possible to increase profits and clicks on them by writing particular ad text to support and making them new keywords. All these will only add to your benefit from the search query report.


Create relevant campaigns

Create relevant ads that answer the user queries to the maximum. You should use relevant keywords in the ads that lead to a landing page that is conversion optimized. The quality of ads depends greatly on the keywords used and the quality of landing pages.


Allocate Sufficient Data To Analyze.

Bidding high initially is highly recommended to get the first or second position in a search result because it will give you more data to analyze which you can:

  • Adjust your bidding to meet the cost-per-conversion.
  • Maintain record of conversions such as value for conversion, cost for conversion.
  • Improve the rates of conversion and optimize your ads.


Make Use of Automated Rules

You can use the Automated Rules for managing your PPC campaigns. This tool helps in saving time spent on routine procedures like changing bids to get the desired ranking, increasing the campaign budget and turning the promotional ads on and off.


Separate Ad groups

Create different and separate ad groups in a campaign. The keywords in an ad group should be tightly related and small. Creating campaign for every genre or theme also allows you to add sitelinks related to it.


Keep Track Of Your Account

Maintain record of your account by using annotations in Google Analytics. This will help you in knowing which action led to dips or spikes in traffic, what isn’t working and what is working in your account. To keep things organized use the comments function in AdWords Editor to keep notes of your action.


Test, Test, Test … and Test Some More

Always be testing ad copy, keywords, landing pages, etc. Testing is one of the cornerstones of optimizing paid search campaigns. Testing allows you to improve what’s not working, and better yet, improve on what’s already working! It’s usually a good idea to set up some type of testing calendar so you can keep track of what you’re testing. Depending on the size of the account or test, it can take weeks to get the proper amount of data to make confident decisions off of.


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MarksMan InfoTech - The MMIT is leading brand in industry. Since our inception in 2004 we have list of satisfied clientele from around the globe, who trust us for their conceptual and professional designing needs.