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Top Things To Consider While Going For Your Next Website Redesign

Top Things To Consider While Going For Your Next Website Redesign

A website redesign accomplishes a few things for your business on different levels. It can make your site more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and improve your marketing as a result.

There are some basic considerations to think about before you dive in, though.


Set Goals:

Every project needs goals, and your website redesign should be no different. Specifically, you need to set goals for how well your website works for marketing, not just how nice it looks or how flashy it is.


That’s not to say that a good overall look doesn’t help marketing efforts – it does. However, if you focus only on looks and forget about function, you’re totally missing the point.


A simple website that works seamlessly for the user is far preferable to the alternative. A website stuffed with visual features and fancy code will inevitably have issues. (Think slow loading times, hard-to-find navigation, or confusing page links.) All those things will frustrate the visitor, which is the last thing you want to do.



If you’ve not added this to the list, please do. It is the foremost criteria for website redesigning. It is a myth that mobile-friendly means developing a second website for mobile. It is indeed making your business content and design accessible in precision with both web and mobile.


In this mobile era, 90% of the users time is spent on mobile internet. Analyzing the user behaviour, Google introduced mobile-first index algorithm back in September 2015 which means that now mobile is also one of the major factors to uplift the google ranking of your business website.


Easy Navigation:

After mobile-friendliness, it is website navigation. Assuming that while travelling to any favorite destination, you have a travel guide that assists you the significant places and indicates the directions making your journey easy and fun-filled. Similarly, you also need to ensure easy website navigation helping user’s easy touring and glance of your services.


To achieve this, your website needs navigation menu either at the top or as the navigation slide. Navigation slide aka hamburger menu is less effective compared to the menu displayed at the top. Users hardly spare 10 secs in your website and in that duration they like to glance over all the major elements which the slide cannot show. Users need to click on that button to slide the menu and select where to go which is not the case in the top menu. The top menu simply lists all the major headers with a drop-down symbol to make users’ experience smooth and fast.


Review and Refresh Your Content:

A website overhaul is a perfect excuse to create a new content strategy, too.


Your design and your content work together, after all. A fresh approach to content can help further propel you to new heights. Here are a few ideas:

  • Single out old, outdated blogs that you could update and/or rewrite for better leads
  • Set up a new publishing schedule based on best practices for user engagement
  • Look at the content that’s performing well and use it as a template for developing future content


A Website Redesign Takes Planning and Strategy

If you need a website refresh, don’t just focus on looks. Instead, you should be honing in on functionality for the best marketing results.


You also need to take a step back and narrow down how to carry out your redesign. Look at the top important considerations for your redesign, define your path, and get moving.



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